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We understand that time is always of the essence. This lead us to develop our amazing rapid repair system. We are now able to fast track results, in most cases, within 90 days. We believe, we are setting the bar in the industry, while also being very affordable

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Credit Repair

Rid yourself of bad debt against the major credit bureaus. This is our most popular service and our testimonials speak for themselves!

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Credit Consulting

Establish great credit. Learn how to leverage good debt to begin living the life of your dreams!

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Credit Specialist Training

Learn one of the 'best kept secrets' in the entrepreneur world. Becoming a Credit Repair Specialist is a massively hot market and we have transformed hundreds into self-employed leaders in this field.

Experienced in three major bureaus Trust Us!

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George 'GK' Koufalis

Enterpreneur, Mentor

Our Mission:

George Koufalis,

GK UNITED credit counseling is a company committed to going above and beyond our client's individual and unique needs. Our philosophy is that we will always try our best to provide 100% transparency, a superior client experience and exceptional results.

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Co Founder 

George 'GK' Koufalis

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Co Founder

Eric Villata

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Co Founder

Carl Orner


Success Should Always Be Measured On The Results Of A Specialist Clients

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